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ITIL V3 Example Exam Questions (Ingles)

Articulo de power-itil en ITIL | V3

Please be advised that there are about 1000 different questions in the exam pool and the answers are mixed within them so there’s no point to learn the questions and anwers by heart. It is important to read the questions and understand them, then to read all the answers and select the best maching one. Sometimes the questions are about something opposite (e.g. what is NOT included in….) – please keep that in mind not to read the questions automatically. Spend more time on reading, don’t hurry – there’s enough time for everyone.

1. What does the ‘Service V model’ represent?
a) A strategy for the successful completion of all service management projects
b) The path to Service Delivery and Service Support for efficient and effective utilisation of resources
c) Levels of testing required to deliver a Service Capability
d) The business perspective as perceived by the customer and the user of services

2. Technical Management is NOT responsible for?

a) Maintenance of the technical infrastructure
b) Documenting and maintaining the technical skills required to manage and support the IT Infrastructure
c) Defining the Operational Level Agreements for the technical teams
d) Diagnosis of, and recovery from technical failures

3. The priority of an Incident is BEST described as?

a) The relative importance of the Incident based on impact and urgency
b) The speed with which the Incident needs to be resolved
c) The number of staff that will be assigned to work on the Incident so that it is resolved in time
d) The escalation path that will be followed to ensure resolution of the Incident

4. What is the role of the Emergency Change Advisory Board (ECAB)?

a) To assist the Change Manager in ensuring that no urgent Changes are made during particularly volatile business periods
b) To assist the Change Manager in implementing Emergency Changes
c) To assist the Change Manager in evaluating Emergency Changes and to decide whether the Change should be approved
d) To assist the Change Manager in speeding up the Emergency Change Process so that no unacceptable delays occur

5. A Service Owner is responsible for which of the following?

a) Continual Improvement of the service
b) Designing and documenting a service
c) Carrying out the Service Operations activities needed to support a service
d) Producing a Balanced Scorecard showing the overall status of all services

6. Operations Control refers to?

a) The managers of the Technical and Applications Management functions
b) Overseeing the execution and monitoring of IT operational events and activities
c) The tools used to monitor and display the status of the IT Infrastructure and Applications
d) The situation where the Service Desk is required to monitor the status of the infrastructure when Operators are not available

7. Which of the following statements is CORRECT about patterns of demand generated by the customer’s business?

a) They are driven by patterns of business activity
b) It is impossible to predict how they behave
c) It is impossible to influence demand patterns
d) They are driven by the delivery schedule generated by Capacity Management

8. What is the main reason for establishing a Baseline?

a) To standardise operation
b) For knowing the cost of services provided
c) For roles and responsibility to be clear
d) For later comparison

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