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Articulo de power-itil en ITIL | V3

1. Correct answer is: C

Figure 4.21 Service V-model to represent configuration levels and testing

2. Correct answer is: C

a) and d) are from the bulleted list in SO 6.3.2
b) is a summary of the central paragraphs of 6.3.1
c) is the responsibility of Service Level Management

3. Correct answer is: A

Prioritization can normally be determined by taking into account both the urgency of the incident (how quickly the business needs a resolution) and the level of impact it is causing

4. Correct answer is: C

Emergency change authorization… Where CAB approval is required, this will be provided by the Emergency CAB (ECAB)

5. Correct answer is: A

The Service Owner is responsible for continual Improvement…

6. Correct answer is: B

Operations Control, which oversees the execution and monitoring of the operational activities

7. Correct answer is: A

This relationship is described in SS 5.5.3, Business activities drive demand for services

8. Correct answer is: D

establish baselines as markers or starting points for later comparison

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